Build a robust process

So, you’ve approved your design, the most appropriate polymer has been selected and we are all happy with the mould flow simulation. Your tool has been designed and constructed and we are ready to commence trials. But we’re not quite ready to fire plastic into the mould. Firstly, we have to select the most appropriate production machine for your product, then follow a disciplined optimisation protocol in order to ensure that a consistent, repeatable and robust process is developed for continuous and trouble free production.

Our team of highly skilled technicians follow detailed and well-established working practices as well as utilising leading Pro-Op software (a step-by-step procedure for increasing the overall efficiency of the injection moulding process) to support this stage in the development. Our mould trials are fully supported by our New Project Engineers and our Quality department who work with the Process Technician in a cross-functional team, so that component quality problems can be spotted early and the root causes diagnosed. Solutions can then be developed early and not left until production is due to begin.

We do not start to make any size adjustments on a new mould until the injection moulding process has been proven to be capable; thus reducing the time and expense of making ill-judged decisions in the tool tuning development phase and minimising the time from initial tool trial through to production readiness. Helping highlight any weaknesses during set-up enables us to identify any potential issues - improving yield and reducing scrap levels over time and avoiding the need for troubleshooting during production.

With machines fitted with reject chutes (now part of our new machine standard specification), once in production, any parts produced outside the established process control limits or initial start-up cycles are automatically separated, thus eliminating the risk of non-conforming parts contaminating good parts. In addition, your moulds – a highly valuable asset – are maintained to the highest standards throughout the life cycle of your project in our in-house tool-room facility (Injection Moulding Tools – IMT).

In today’s competitive and fast-moving environment we are very aware that managing costs and ensuring continuity of supply are key to stability and growth. That is why we place such great emphasis on the development of your injection mould tool. Our aim is to fully optimise the entire process before mass production starts. The outcome: high quality products that meet your specifications time after time for the lifetime of your project, at optimum cost.