Place orders with confidence

We understand that the success of your business is closely linked to the performance of your supply chain. We always strive to put our customers’ needs and satisfaction above all else because we believe that when a customer is happy everything else will fall into place. That is why it matters to us that every order is handled efficiently, and that your product is manufactured, assembled and packaged effectively and shipped promptly.

Good communication is key to this process: every day our previous day’s production processes are discussed in detail alongside the current day’s needs in order to ensure that we are optimising every aspect of our resources.

Successful logistics and supply chain management are paramount, not only to your business but also ours, and so alongside this, we practice lean manufacturing which helps us pass on more competitive prices to our customers. This includes the use of Kanban-driven systems; an inventory control method that manages the supply chain, allowing just-in-time supply and fast reactions to your needs and the needs of your customers. In turn, this enables you to manage your inventory more effectively. Reducing the stock in your own warehouse lowers storage costs and so frees up investment by helping to prevent overproduction, all without compromising the efficiency of your own in-house processes.

White Horse Plastics can therefore help you with the often challenging technical operation of managing stocks, storage of product, movement and delivery. We use bespoke systems alongside good old-fashioned pen, paper and the human eye, in order to ensure Just In Time (JIT) delivery targets are met.

We are internally and customer monitored on our overall logistical effectiveness and pride ourselves on consistently achieving set goals for delivery, using this as one of our many successful Key Performance Indicators.

In summary - we run over 30 moulding machines 24 hours a day in our first class mould shop, developing and utilising automated processes where practical to further increase efficiency. We now also offer a specific white room moulding environment to support our growing number of Med-Tech customers as well as additional services such as assembly, bespoke packaging, ultrasonic welding and finishing, so that, if you choose, you can be confident that your product is market-ready when it leaves our doors.

Add to this a highly efficient tracking and tracing system for all the components we manufacture for our broad spectrum of customers and we can proudly say that if you place an order with us you can do so with complete confidence.