Put quality first

Here at White Horse Plastics we take quality very seriously - and we also try to make it extremely practical and transparent. Our high-spec modern metrology equipment and testing services are used to good effect on the initial development of your moulded products as well as in providing essential support to our production facilities.

A preliminary in-depth review of the product by a cross-functional team with many years’ experience in various key disciplines leads to the formulation of the FMEA* process.

This is a step-by-step approach for identifying all the possible failures in a design, a manufacturing or assembly process and also the causes and effects of these. Our objective is to eliminate or reduce these factors to an absolute minimum at the outset, primarily by understanding the end-use for your product beyond just the drawing specification.

We then develop bespoke test and gauge methods that aim to mimic the component’s intended use and/or assembly interfaces, all the while following rigorous controlled procedures in order to ensure that your product is made ‘fit for purpose’ for its entire lifetime.

Furthermore – and measured against the appropriate industry quality standards and accreditations - we provide all the manufacturing controls that your mouldings will ever need. White Horse Plastics does everything possible to ensure you only ever receive components that comply exactly to your specification.

You can be confident that we have in place all the means possible to help reduce wastage and avoid reworking, safeguarding your continuity of supply and avoiding down-time which can have a far reaching impact on your bottom line. Instead, your own efficiency and productivity can be improved, leading to an overall increase in profitability.

*Failure mode and effect analysis. See our video at www.whitehorseplastics.co.uk for an explanation of the key steps in our quality assurance process.

Industry quality standards and accreditations

ISO 9001
This internationally recognised standard for managing a business’s systems provides customers with the reassurance that WHP is committed to supporting them through process improvements and continual monitoring of quality standards.

ISO 13485
The quality management standard specifically designed to support medical device manufacture. This specifies the requirements an organisation needs to achieve in order to provide those customers manufacturing medical devices or products with the confidence that the components supplied comply with all the applicable regulatory requirements.

IATF 16949
A widely recognized quality standard used in the automotive industry, covering Quality Control Planning, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, Statistical Quality Control and Measure System Analysis.

ISO 14001
A series of requirements enabling an organization to consistently control its impact on the environment. WHP takes these responsibilities very seriously and this certification demonstrates the commitment of the whole organisation.