Spec the best tool

When your design is finalised, specifying the appropriate mould tool to meet all your requirements is your first crucial step into production. It’s a big commitment and it needs to be designed correctly from the start to ensure all elements of your component are considered ahead of the tool manufacture. Our tooling engineers will fully engage with you to ensure this process is diligently followed.

Designing an injection mould tool requires a lot of front-end attention to detail and can also represent the largest investment in the manufacturing process, so getting it right is critical to the success of a project. And if your goal is to produce parts with a high degree of technical precision, in large volumes, then the tooling can be even more complex. Mistakes can be costly and increase a product’s lead time to market significantly.

At WHP the members of our tool design team have many years of experience gained through working with product designers within a variety of industries, enabling them to offer you the best advice on the most appropriate and cost effective tool configuration for your product. Using mould simulation software to evaluate the process, for example, helps diagnose and avoid any potential problems before production of your mould tool, and will ensure it is made right - whether a soft prototype to test a design principle, a single cavity mould for lower volume requirements or a multi-cavity complex tool capable of producing many millions of high specification tight tolerance components.

Our own in-house tool design and manufacturing facility, Injection thermoplastics Moulding Tools (IMT) has been providing a valuable service to designers and manufacturers for over twenty years. It has a well-established history of designing and manufacturing prototype and production mould tools, jigs and fixtures. IMT also provides and maintains all of our tool service/maintenance requirements, so to give you complete peace of mind you can rest assured that we are fully committed to looking after your asset for all of its manufacturing life. IMT also makes general modifications and repairs to our mould tools, as well as supplying engineering services to the commercial, design and scientific sectors.

Add to this our long term working relationships with a number of UK and overseas tooling partners and we are confident that you will agree that White Horse Plastics is well placed to find the most appropriate tooling solution for your project. We help you base this on mould efficiency, longevity and performance, helping you to create products better, faster and more cost-effectively.