Take cost out

We can help improve your profit margin from the very beginning. Our know-how and understanding focuses on cost-out, including skills in polymer selection, testing, metrology, tool design, automation and process optimisation. We’ve learnt these vital lessons the hard way through the demanding and highly competitive world of the automotive supply chain.

Our in-house team of engineers has more than 40 years’ experience in the plastics moulding industry and we pride ourselves on providing total solutions to all our customers.

What is more, over the years we have built close working relationships with leading materials suppliers, tool-makers, automation specialists and other supply chain partners whose in-depth knowledge of their disciplines and access to the latest developments in their field continually add value to our evaluation and subsequent recommendations.

The best time to remove cost is before tools have been built and processes established.

The earlier we can work with you and the greater understanding we have relating to your product the more scope we have to help, as it is often things like appropriate material selection, simply removing a screw and incorporating a moulded clip, or making two parts into one that will add much greater value to the process than the unit cost alone.

When the product and volumes allow we can further improve your profit margin by successfully automating your production process, thus achieving repeatable quality of parts, economies of scale and reduced cost – time after time.

For an example of how White Horse Plastics quadrulped a customer's productivity using automation see our video at https://whitehorseplastics.co.uk.

Take advantage of our design for manufacture experience and expertise to help ensure your ideas, designs and products can be manufactured in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.