Design for success

It might look great on paper but it really helps to have access to first rate manufacturing experience before getting started. When it comes to moulding, White Horse Plastics has over forty five years’ experience in tackling the most challenging aspects of tight tolerance technical moulding. Our mission is always to provide you with a complete manufacturing solution. Drawings, CAD files and 3D printed parts can all play a part in this important first stage where the opportunity to take cost out is at its greatest, well before the design is cast in stone and the tooling process started.

The earlier we begin and the greater understanding we have about your product, the more input – and saving - we can give. Whatever your level of experience, our knowledge of tool design and the moulding process can have a profound impact on the success of your project. Our clients vary widely, from experienced product designers, where even if our input might only be minor, this can still add significant value to the final product design, through to clients who arrive with the outline of an idea and at best a sketch. For them, we will hold their hand through the whole process of developing their design concept to ensure the most robust and cost effective design solution is established.

Our first step in the process is to meet with you, or your designers, to discuss your project in detail so that we understand completely what you are trying to achieve, how your product works and the environment in which it will be used. We will then work with you to ensure that before we proceed further, your design is ‘fit for purpose’ and in tune with the manufacturing process.

Another key area of design input where we can add value is in material selection, where the in-depth discussion about your project will enable us to propose the best and most economical solution. With many years’ experience of moulding with a wide array of available thermoplastics from the most exotic through to the simple commodities, along with strong and long term working partnerships with many of the key material suppliers, we can offer the very best advice and support to ensure that the most appropriate polymer is selected to match your product’s full life-cycle performance requirement.

At White Horse Plastics, our design for manufacture experience has been fine-tuned over many years, a large number of which have been honed working in the challenging automotive world, where complex tooling to extremely tight tolerances is the norm. This factor - and never losing sight of the need for lean manufacturing – makes us ideally placed to help you optimise your designs for production, lower your costs, and improve both your productivity and profit margins.